What doesn't a municipality do?  And ALWAYS ON A BUDGET!
On the right is a very typical application of a Serco 7000 grapple truck picking up limbs and branches curbside.  
Some municipalities use grapple trucks for periodic pickup of bulk items and white goods as well as illegally dumped items. The lightweight Kesla 500Z  mounted on your non-CDL grapple truck can lift over 2000 pounds in one grab while keeping your overall truck weight down. A properly designed grapple truck can make this kind of application a safe one-person job.
Be certain that your supplier includes a loader stabilization report -- standard with all Scaffidi installations. You'll KNOW that loader is safe on your truck...and if it's a Kesla loader, you own the BEST WARRANTED LOADER IN THE BUSINESS, too! 

Count on Scaffidi for a grapple truck on spec, on time and on budget